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Clinical Supervision

For Counsellors and Psychologists

Clinical supervision may take place in a group or individually and provides a safe, non judgmental space for the clinician to reflect on work with clients and issues arising in the work place.

Mirroring the counselling relationship, supervision aims to be both supportive and challenging, so that unconscious processes can be brought into awareness and new learning take place. Supervision gives the opportunity to reflect on the intentions behind interventions and their subsequent outcome. It provides an arena for monitoring self awareness and ethical practice. Supervision is about enabling you to find and develop your unique qualities, skills and style as a practitioner.

I have worked for many years supervising counsellors, both students and experienced practitioners, across the range of therapeutic models. I have particular experience in supervising counsellors and psychologists who work in large organisations such as the NHS and police force. My 15 years as a practice counsellor in the NHS has given me insight into the issues arising from being part of a health care team working with an extremely diverse client group and with time limited contracts.

I also have 7 years experience supervising counsellors at the Mapesbury Clinic in north London, a voluntary sector counselling service for refugees and asylum seekers.

Supervision for Service Managers

Supervision gives a thinking space away from the workplace where you will be able to identify and clarify potential /existing problems and work on developing plans for prevention or resolution.

The confidential supervision setting is also a place to reflect on how the problems at work impact on you. This acknowledgement can help alleviate stress and permit you to be calmer and more focused on meeting the challenges you face.


Individual Supervision sessions are 60 minutes long.

The length of group sessions is negotiable depending on the number of participants. A maximum of four is recommended. 


£60  Individual Supervision

£80  per hour for group supervision

Counselling Skills Training

I have been teaching counselling skills for over 20 years, from year long courses in psychotherapy training to short courses tailored for organisations.

Counselling skills can be learnt and used by everyone in daily life. Learning these skills will help you:

  • express yourself clearly
  • listen accurately to what others say
  • manage your own feelings in challenging situations
  • communicate with people when they are upset or angry

When we are heard, we feel valued. This boosts our confidence and self esteem. We are altogether more positive about ourselves and everything we do thus transforming our lives at home and in the workplace,


Counselling skills courses are designed to suit the needs of the participants in their particular setting; you may choose to train over time with for example weekly 2 or 3 hour sessions or opt for a day/afternoon workshop. The maximum recommended number of participants is 12.

Please contact me to find out more about how training in counselling skills can benefit you and your organisation/school/club/association.


Workshops with up to 12 participants:

£400 for a day

£250 for half day

£75 per hour for ongoing sessions


Tel: 07884 979 373

[email protected]