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Hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis which you may have seen on television. In a hypnotherapy session you are always aware of everything that is happening, you will never do anything you do not want and you can stop the process at any time.

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness where the rational, conscious mind is relaxed, calm and lethargic. This allows the subconscious mind, the part where memories and emotions are stored, to be more available. It is a natural state similar to day dreaming.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

In a hypnotherapy session, you are invited to relax your body and mind. The work to address your problem takes place in this relaxed state. While your conscious mind is stilled by relaxation, your sub-conscious mind is more open to the beneficial suggestions which are made to you as you relax and listen. These suggestions help counteract your negative thinking and enable more positive patterns to become established 

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (ACH)

In order to get to the root of your problem, ACH uses a technique called regression,which allows you to track back to relevant memories of events which may have caused/contributed to the problem in the first place. While in the relaxed hypnotic state, these memories can be worked with in a healing way which helps to "re-program" your thinking and feelings about the past event, establishing new and beneficial patterns of thought and feeling in the present.


A course of hypnotherapy may be between 3 and 6 sessions, depending on the approach you choose. In all cases, your first hypnotherapy session will last up to 90 minutes and consist of an explanation of the hypnotherapy process and a suggestion session for your problem.

Your second session is likely to be a regression session lasting 90 minutes, although you may continue with suggestion sessions if you prefer. You will receive a CD with the relaxation sequence and suggestion script for your problem to work with at home.

Following sessions may be suggestion or regression sessions, depending on your problem and your choice.


First session: £90

Further Suggestion sessions: £60

Regression Sessions: £120

CE Stop Smoking Method

This single 90 minute session was developed by Corinna Elsey (CEHypnotherapy) who trained with Valerie Austin, famous for the 'Stop Smoking in One Hour' therapy. The innovative CE Stop Smoking Method combines several proven techniques including suggestion and aversion, to help you kick the habit for good.

Fee: £250

In addition to the session, you will receive a CD with a suggestion script and a free follow up session within 2 weeks, in the unlikely event that this is necessary.

CE Hypnobirthing Method

For Birthing Partners, Mums and Dads

Childbirth is a natural event which has become increasingly medicalised in the West. Anxiety about giving birth is common, but this only serves to create tension, resulting in additional pain which interferes with the natural process. Learning to relax, to develop positive thoughts and to visualize helpful images can facilitate harmony between body and mind. The CE Hypnobirthing Method will help you re-connect with your own natural abilities, to work with your body and give birth in more natural and comfortable way.

Hypnobirthing sessions give you and your birthing partner dedicated time together to prepare a relaxed 'team' approach to the birth of your baby. Over three sessions, you will both have the opportunity to explore the benefits of relaxation and deep breathing and will be guided in learning useful visualization techniques. Suggestion and regression therapy will also be used to help you develop trust and confidence in yourself.

A guided visualization script will be prepared for you to take home so that your birthing partner can work with you right up to the time of birth.

Practising these skills together can help you gain confidence about the approaching birth and enable you to find your own unique ways of communicating to best facilitate the task of bringing new life into the world.


£220 for three 90 minute sessions 


Tel: 07884 979 373

[email protected]